Thursday, October 22, 2009

YoVille is scary and depressing.

So I logged in to YoVille, because my nearest and dearest just started playing it and she sent me some notification thing telling me to log on. She's no longer online (thanks to one of our cats making a mess) but her avatar's standing around in her house, which I'd logged out in... I guess that's like staying over, right? Anyway, apparently by 'joking' with her (by which I mean 'clicking on the happy/sad drama masks button and getting a funny face from her avatar in return') I reached a new level. I am now a 'friend'.
Since you're great at maintaining relationships, you have the opportunity to share and collect Friendship Tokens for each of your friends. Collect them all!
So now visiting someone's virtual loungeroom once a day makes me 'great at maintaining relationships'? And Friendship Tokens are something I have to collect from my friends so that I know they like me? I feel vaguely ill. And then it gets better... her avatar sweetly entreats me:
Remember to come back tomorrow or our friendship will weaken!
Seriously, wtf. Remember, this is my wife we're talking about here, listed in my Facebook profile and everything, and this game is telling me that I have to visit her daily in-game to remain as her friend.

I think if I ever need a game to reassure me that I'm 'great at maintaining relationships' (especially when I've done nothing in the game to indicate anything of the sort, although that reminds me, I must catch up with the lads for some beers, it's been weeks!) then I should probably engage in terminal autoasphyxiation immediately.

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