Monday, April 27, 2009

So much for do-it-myself maintenance...

Well, I finally gave in and booked the Supra in for a service today. I've been going on a DIY binge recently, especially for things like car maintenance (I changed the front brake pads a couple of weeks ago which was fun, it took me three hours when it should have taken 30 minutes but now I know exactly how to do it and next time it'll be a lot quicker). I've got a 1980s-garage-style hydraulic jack now, which is awesome because I hate cranking the stupid emergency jack and when the car's up on it it's about as stable as Lindsay Lohan anyway. I've got all the different varieties of oil that I needed to do the change myself. I have a new oil filter ready and waiting. There was only one thing stopping me from doing the entire service.

The damn sump lug.

I don't have a proper set of stands yet, and I have to work on a gravel driveway anyway, so I don't want to be yanking too hard on the underside of the car while I'm under it, even though I'm reeeasonably sure that the jack and the bricks holding the car up can't BOTH fail at once. But when I'm lying on my back in the gravel, merrily bending a forged steel spanner on the sump lug which isn't even budging, with a tonne and a half of Supra poised six inches above my nose, the $150 it costs to get a mechanic to do the change in his shop doesn't seem quite so bad. So now I've got the old girl in at the Auto Bahn near work. Here's hoping that they don't add another huge dent in the side like Carbon Tune did. And here's looking forward to One Of These Days(TM) when I have an actual garage with concrete floor and stuff. That's gonna be awesome!

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